Guinness (my dog) sleeping.I take photos every week with my best friend (pictured left) in the town I love to call home.

I moved from the East Coast to Downtown Kirkland, WA at the end of 2005 and immediately fell in love with it. After a year of walking my dog along the same routes every day at roughly the same time, I started thinking about just that. About the passage of time in a given place. About how the same scenery changes subtly every single day until it’s not such a subtle change anymore. About how the weather here can change drastically from day-to-day or be exactly the same for weeks on end. And about how I never get tired of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

With all this rattling around in my head, I thought I should somehow document these things. My first idea was to take the same photo every day at the same time for one year to see how the same scene changes subtly over time. But that would have been pretty impossible and maybe not all that interesting after all to have 365 of the same photograph. After several more variations on this theme, I decided to create this photoblog of a year in Kirkland, week by week. I’ll take whatever photos I want and however many I want, just as long as they’re in Kirkland, I take at least one per week (hence this blog’s name, Kirkland 52) and document the day and time.

So here we go! This is an on-going work in progress that I hope turns out to be interesting…

Contact: kirkland52(at)gmail(dot)com

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